Global Fund Demands Justice for Cambodian Board Member Mu Sochua

Global Fund joins Vital Voices, and other progressive groups in demanding justice for board member Mu Sochua. Former Nobel Peace Prize nominee and a member of Cambodia's Parliament in the opposition, Sochua has been unjustly targeted by the ruling government with false charges and more recently, removed her parliamentary immunity. Read more about the situation and how you can help her.arrow_on_white_s.gif

Audio_ButtonB.gif Cool Resource: Listen to an interview with Mu Sochua by Global Fund's Preeti Shekar, that aired this Monday, on KPFA 94.1 FM, a Berkeley-based radio station.In this interview, Sochua speaks at length about the crisis she is facing back home in Cambodia. Sochua also sheds valuable light on the Cambodian women's movement and politics post the Khmer Rouge regime. Listen to the interview.

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