GFW's Soon to be Program Officer Publicly Recognized by Hillary Clinton in Delhi

anasuya better version.jpgSecretary of State, Hillary Clinton, delivered a speech about U.S.-India relations at Delhi University this past Monday in which she mentioned Anasuya Sengupta, the Global Fund for Women’s soon to be Asia and Oceania Program Director.  Near the end of her speech, Clinton spoke about a poem that Anasuya had written and given to her during a 1995 visit she made to India as First Lady.  Clinton quoted a few lines from the poem that read, “Too many women in too many countries, speak the same language of silence.”  Clinton said that she is inspired by Anasuya because of her dedication to women’s human rights and because, unlike the women in her poem, she was never silenced.  The Global Fund is fortunate and grateful that she is joining the team.

watchnow_round.png  Watch Clinton's speech. Anasuya is mentioned at 12min.30sec.

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Photo Courtesy of Anasuya Sengupta.


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