Women's Organizations Defend Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi’s Rights

Posted by Zeina Zaatari

The situation of Nobel peace laureate and human rights defender Shirin Ebadi continues to be intensely critical. In the course of the last two weeks, the organization she heads, Defenders of Human Rights Center, was shut down under the pretexts of false accusations of tax evasion perpetuated by the media. Her private law offices were raided and confidential case files were seized, and on January 1st, a mob of 150 demonstrated in front of her house in an orchestrated attempt to connect her to the Israeli actions in Gaza.

Protestors began kicking the door to her home and vandalized the exterior of her property in an attempt to further intimidate her.

We condemn the Iranian government's campaign against the country's most prominent human rights activist, and demand that they guarantee Shirin Ebadi's safety and her civil and political rights. Join the over eighty human rights organizations and activists who have expressed grave concern for Ms. Ebadi's safety and human rights. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also issued a statement expression concern.

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Information Courtesy: Women's Learning Partnership


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