Roma Settlement in Belgrade Demolished by Military

Posted by Mitra Anoushiravani


Photo by  Kitty Rudman
Roma girl; Photo by Kitty Rudman
In April, Belgrade municipal authorities bulldozed the homes of at least forty families of Roma descent, a European ethnic group that is faced with intense discrimination.  The Roma families were not given any warning, nor were they given time to salvage their belongings.  Belgrade’s Major Djilas stated that homes in Roma were destroyed in order to “build a boulevard necessary for the development of the city.”  The Serbian government has not come up with any dignified relocation plans for the roughly 250 Roma people who were made homeless. In fact, the local government began building a metal fence around the Roma settlement and randomly forbids residents to leave.  Residents of the approximately 150 slums in Belgrade have taken to the streets to call for the improvement of the unacceptable living conditions in the settlements and the fencing in of Roma people.

Read the petition sent to us by Global Fund Advisor Zoe Gudovic, which calls for better treatment of Roma people.


Watch a short documentary about the destruction of the Roma settlement.

Watch raw youtube video of the protests in Serbia.

The Global Fund for Women has awarded grants to many women’s groups in Europe that promote the rights of Roma people, such as Bibija Roma Women’s Center. Please donate to the Global Fund so that we can keep funding groups advocating for Roma people’s rights.

Mitra Anoushiravani is the Communications Team Intern at the Global Fund for Women.


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