“I am Safe!”: Haitian Advisor

A collective sigh of relief was heard around the Global Fund for Women today as we received news that one of our advisors in Haiti is alive and safe. Agathe Jean Baptiste is a physician who has worked in public and maternal health in Haiti for many years. Agathe’s words were music to the ears of our Americas team, which has been working around the clock to get information on our grantees and advisors.

“Thanks to all of you who thought of me when the news hit the press. Thank God, my daughter, my brothers and parents are fine. I do not know how but I got out safely…The capital went down, no governmental structure is working. Many officials died…People are in the street with no blankets, no water, no foods, babies are without help. This is awful!!!”

While GFW is not a relief organization, a contribution to our Crisis Fund will help to ensure that long-term relief and rebuilding efforts, led by Haitian women’s rights activists, can continue. Their work will be even more critically needed in the weeks and months after this natural disaster.

Thank you for your concern and support. Please share this information with your networks.

Vital Links: Read our solidarity statement sent to our grantees and advisors in the country. Learn about the work of some of our recent grantees in Haiti.

Read a letter by Global Fund President and CEO Kavita Ramdas on the Haiti crisis.


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