International Women's Day: Be a Part of the GFW Buzz!

Help us celebrate International Women\'s Day March 8th
Help us celebrate International Women's Day March 8th

The Global Fund for Women strongly believes that social change happens through collective movements, voices and actions. This year, on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, we invite you to help us spread the word about women's rights. In addition to our various events in March, the Global Fund for Women is aiming to reach a goal of at least 8,000 followers on Twitter and 4,000 fans on Facebook by midnight of March 31st.

How you can help

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, follow us at @GlobalFundWomen, join our Facebook page, and invite your friends to join our network. We encourage you to retweet our stories, share vital information and alerts that we highlight online and educate those who are unfamiliar with the cause.

All throughout March we’ll be using these two spaces to share quotes from inspirational women and highlight trailblazing feminists and grassroots groups from all around the world. Help us grow this momentum and let us know who inspires you! Send us quotes, nominate women and share stories by posting comments on this blog, contacting us on Twitter or writing on our wall. And most importantly, invite your friends to get involved.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, be a part of global consciousness raising on why women's rights are human rights!


GIVE HOPE. Donate now to help women and girls learn.

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