GFW Condemns Intimidation of Sisters in Islam

On 17th February, GFW grantee partner based in Malaysia, Sisters in Islam issued a press statement condemning the caning of three Muslim women under Syariah Law.

Following this press statement, several fundamentalist groups lodged complaints with the police against Sisters in Islam's statement, and some groups want to take Sisters in Islam to court over the statement. Sisters in Islam is calling for international support to ensure that the Freedom of Speech is maintained by the Malaysian government.

Today, 24 March, 2010, a group filed a lawsuit against Sisters in Islam to remove the word "Islam" from its name since "it misleads people to believe it speaks for all Muslims."

The Center for Independent Journalism, another GFW grantee partner, sent us the following links as a way for us to demonstrate to the Malaysian government that the international community is following these trends.

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Watch a video clip from the Global Fund's 20th anniversary video featuring Sisters in Islam.


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