"Situation is Critical” - Kyrgyz Sisters Nurgul Djanaeva and Anna Kirey Write

As the crisis in Kyrgyzstan continues to escalate, and news reports continue to pour in of the deaths and protests, we just heard word from two of our Kyrgyz sisters – Nurgul Djanaeva, Global Fund Board member and head of grantee partner, Forum for Women’s NGOs in Kyrgyzstan and advisor Anna Kirey, who works with Labrys, an LGBT shelter in the country. Read their email updates to the Global Fund for Women, addressed to our ECIS Program Director Angelika Arutyunova.

Email from Nurgul Djanaeva:

Dearest Angelika,

Thank you for your letter. It is really a very bad situation. Many people are shot and many more are wounded. The situation is not black and white. From my point of view, the Opposition is only using the name of the people - мы за народ, I hope I am wrong. They are the same people who, hold power at very high state positions - parliamentary speakers, VP, ministers, etc.

They are struggling for their own power. People are very corrupt and are doing big damage to the country, when they came to power same process was used. if first time weapons were not used - in 2005, now it is used.

Bakiev was brought to power by the same group of people who are now coming to power. So I don't expect any real positive change - I wish I am wrong. I don't believe that price is paid now was worth, because I don't believe in their declared high words. Right now I hear still some shooting and it is not militia- bands of vandal with weapons. There is looting now again. In front of my apartment, one young man was shot in his knees - I went with bandage and my daughter was calling ambulance. Everyone seems ready to shoot. We closed office today at noon. My daughter is going to the hospital to donate blood – there is a huge need for blood.

With regards to women's needs now we can’t tell now- I need to find out if there was any loss from women's groups. I am trying to contact many our activists, but we have not yet realized the consequences…..

Thank you for your solidarity

Nurgul Djanaeva GFW Board Member

The following email is from the GFW Advisor, Anna Kirey, who is also the leader of Kyrgyzstan based grantee, Labrys:

Angelika, privet!

Hell broke loose. It started yesterday. You can follow here: http://kloop.kg/ and here: http://morrire.livejournal.com/. Folks at Labrys are fine, I am with texting back and forth with them.

In times like this women and LGBT people are very vulnerable so there might be a need for urgent funding. This time there was blood for the first time since 1990s. It's very sad but looks like it's going to be a new government, I trust them and hope that Edil Baisalov will come back from exile, I believe in his leadership, he is a friend and has a vision.

I will be making phone calls tomorrow to check on how everyone is doing, they can't get online and are mostly stuck at home.

Cordially, Anna Kirey


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