Where No Funders Go: $1.5 Million for Women's Human Rights

In an era of shrinking resources, the Global Fund for Women was able to sustain its commitment to women's groups with over $1.5 million in grants, as the first part of our 2011 funding cycle. By providing support to local and regional women’s groups worldwide, we continue to connect and strengthen women’s groups to be a part of the vibrant global movement for women’s full, universal human rights.

Global Fund for Women grants seed, strengthen and link women's human rights groups in countries most funders ignore, and also prioritizes the most isolated and excluded populations of women with the least influence and access in their societies. As always, our grants seek to support the capacity, visibility and influence of women's groups globally, for the larger goal of strengthening women's movement building in all regions of the world. The groups we support range from sustaining grassroots feminist organizing to nurturing women's groups and networks that are crucial game-changers in the human rights arena.

By funding and linking grantees, donors, activists and policymakers, we can proudly claim to have fostered a truly global network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice.
- Shalini Nataraj, Vice President of Programs

Regional Highlights


The Centro las Libres de Informacion en Salud Sexual Region Centro, works in Guanajuato, among the most conservative Mexican states where women’s groups are experiencing extreme backlash to Mexico City’s historic decision to legalize abortion. Las Libres offers teens workshops on sexual health and rights, accessing safe abortion, and family planning. They also educate the media on women's sexual and reproductive rights. Las Libres has represented over 160 women facing six-month jail terms for receiving “illegal abortions.” Most recently, Las Libres helped reduce the sentences for six women.
GFW grant to Las Libres: $25,000


In Malaysia, the group Knowledge and Rights with Young People through Safer Spaces (KRYSS) Foundation, works to advance sexuality rights for youth. KRYSS uses theater, drama, participatory video and writing workshops to create opportunities and spaces for dialogue, discussion, and debate on sexual rights, sexual orientation, and gender identity, amid a highly repressive political context across the Asia/Oceania region.
GFW grant to KRYSS: $18,000

Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Based in Poland, the Network of East West Women (NEWW) provides information and analysis to a network that connects over 100 women’s groups throughout Europe and Central Asia. Its goal is to monitor EU development policies with a gender framework and advocate for policies that lead to gender equality. In addition to a bilingual web site, NEWW has also established partnerships with Ukraine, Georgia, Croatia and Tajikistan where women’s groups can meet and engage on critical issues facing women, such as the global financial crisis and climate change. Last year the group launched its  South Baltic Region - Violence Against Women Free Zone project in partnership with women’s groups in Sweden, Lithuania, and Russia.
GFW grant to NEWW: $25,000

Middle East & North Africa

Traveling by caravan across the Moroccan countryside, Fondation YTTO works to raise the awareness of women’s rights, their health and critical issues facing them, such as laws that prevent early marriages and  about the reformed Moudawana, an Islamic family law. The group organized health caravans with over 200 doctors and nurses to provide free medical care to women unable to access healthcare. With Global Fund support, it organized the African Women’s Caravan for Peace, Equality and Citizenship.
GFW grant to YTTO: $20,000

Sub-Saharan Africa

The African Women Millennium Initiative on Poverty and Human Rights (AWOMI) in Senegal is cultivating the leadership skills of young women (18 to 25 years) through a yearlong leadership institute. AWOMI is a regional network of African women activists bridging local women community leaders with international policy makers to design initiatives that benefit rural women. AWOMI is a vibrant platform to actively engage rural African women in policy and decision-making around resource allocation, such as policies and interventions tied to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
GFW grant to AWOMI: $15,000

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The Global Fund for Women is the world’s largest public foundation investing exclusively in women’s rights globally. Since 1987, the Global Fund has played a vital role in catalyzing a global women’s rights movement by mobilizing nearly $85 million dollars from more than 20,000 individuals and institutions and invested in over 4,200 women’s groups in 171 countries. By funding and linking grantees, donors, activists and policymakers, we can proudly claim to have fostered a truly global network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice.


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