Donor Day Reflections: Why I Admire GFW

supporter_joanBy Josie Hadden

I was thrilled to be a donor participant at the Global Fund For Women’s recently held Donor Day. The theme of GFW’s new initiative “Reclaiming Peace & Security: Women Dismantling Militarism” was the central focus of this inspiring event.

From a donor’s perspective, I like that the Global Fund is tackling big issues, and this huge issue in particular. While the issue is global, the focus continues to be on supporting women who are working at the grassroots level to reclaim peace and security in their own communities and societies. I have always respected Global Fund’s “bottom up” approach to their grantmaking.

The militarism initiative aims to protect the survival of women’s grassroots groups in conflict situations where the focus has shifted to militarism and human rights are heavily compromised; and it will also support movement building activities, convening groups and facilitating collaboration. It is not that the Global Fund has not already been doing this work, this Initiative holds militarism up to the spotlight.

The Global Fund for Women and the Women Donors Network are jointly creating a study circle on this topic of women confronting and dismantling militarism. The circle will be informed, in great part, by listening to and learning from Global Fund grantees who live daily facing the risk of bullets, bombs and violence.

Our militaristic world today is driven by greed, a hunger for power, and a culture of aggression. Rebuilding a peaceful world simply begs for women’s leadership. By supporting women striving for equity and leadership roles, the Global Fund is helping pave the way for women to reclaim peace and assure security worldwide.

Josie Hadden is a long time supporter of the Global Fund for Women. Find out more about her!


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