Letter from the President and the Chair

I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.
— Sadako Sasaki, 11-year old Japanese girl who developed leukemia from the effects of radiation caused by the Hiroshima bomb. She died in 1955.

The ancient art of origami gained worldwide recognition with Sadako, who was told that if she folded 1,000 paper cranes, the gods would grant her wish. Her wish was to be well. The 644 cranes she folded before her death have inspired generations and are enduring symbols of peace and renewal.

This Global Fund for Women annual report comes to you as we enter our 25th anniversary year with a renewed commitment to create a peaceful world where women’s human rights are respected. We are just beginning to fly.

We reached a number of milestones over the past year. We surpassed $100 million in grantmaking, took a group of donors to Turkey to meet grantee partners, and received some of the first definitive proof of the difference $100+ million has made in the lives and communities of women and girls around the world.

The latter point includes Breakthrough Project, an independent examination of three years of grantmaking in Asia and the Pacific. The report shows how Global Fund grantmaking strategies and practices resulted in new laws against domestic violence, increased women’s participation in local government and access to land and financial services. Stories in this annual report demonstrate some of the other ways people, policy, and community norms are changing because of our work and that of our grantee partners.

Going forward, we are investing significant resources to better measure the impact of our work. Our intention is to use the data to help us: plan, measure, and evaluate our social change philanthropy; enter into significant partnerships that bring a variety of expertise to the table for systemic change; and communicate the outcomes, experiences, and opportunities using multiple platforms, creating a network of catalysts. Each of us will have peace on our wings.

We are just beginning to fly.

musimbi_kanyoro_th2Musimbi Kanyoro's signature

Musimbi Kanyoro
President and CEO

Leila HessiniLeila Hessini's signature

Leila Hessini
Board Chair

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