Grantee Highlight: Now Generation

Portrait of young Ugandan woman near a sunlit window, smiling and looking to the left.

Forget the next generation, meet the Now Generation.

“I became something I wasn’t before.”
– Sarah, Uganda

Meet Sarah, a self-assured 20-year-old from Uganda. Her confidence comes from course work at grantee partner MEMPROW (Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women). At MEMPROW, Sarah talked about young women’s rights and choices without fear of intimidation, stigma or discrimination. Most importantly, she shared her knowledge with friends, and became a role model.

“I became something I wasn’t before,” said Sarah. “People used to not take me seriously, but after my training, people at school and at home started to take me seriously.”

Now, Sarah is enrolled in university, majoring in economics and statistics. Young women from her secondary school still call for advice.

When adolescent girls have equal rights and access to education, they share knowledge in ways that can ultimately transform communities. It is why so many of our grantee partners’ strategies focus on adolescent girls.

Portrait of a young Armenian woman near a sunlit window, looking at the camera and smiling

Elvira is a 21-year-old program leader at grantee partner Women’s Resource Center in Armenia. The girls talk honestly about body image and self-esteem, and use new technologies and video-editing skills Elvira teaches to tell their stories.

“My happiness is my girls,” said Elvira. “They are clever and enthusiastic. The power and energy they share energizes me.”

With support from the Nike Foundation, Elvira and Sarah traveled to the Association for Women’s Rights in Development conference in Istanbul to meet and learn from activists of all ages. The two still stay in touch.

We don’t have to wait for young women to change their communities. They’re doing it now.

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