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You watched their video, read their stories, and told Sarah and Elvira why they inspire you. They were thrilled to hear your comments! Read their responses to find out how we are all connected in the global women's movement.

It Starts With You


Read Sarah's story here

Your comments have made me realize that there’s a global “now generation” that has woken up and is very ready to fight, defend, and advocate for the rights of women. This gives me hope to continue my work because many are speaking the same language as me, a language of equal rights and opportunities for young girls and women. This makes me part of the global women's network.

I am so honored to share my views with the entire world, especially the young women out there who think feminism is for the older generation. Thank you, Global Fund for Women for reaching out to the young generation. Now, we feel that we are part of the global women's network, and ready to move it to greater heights.

Many are asking on how to start their own activism. First and foremost, it starts with you: what you believe and what you see that is not going well in society. It can be changed and you can do it.

Sometimes what goes on in our countries is overwhelming and all we want is to air it on BBC or CNN for the entire world to see. Before we climb that huge mountain, we have to cross a small river. You must start with yourself, then your family and friends, your classmates, then workmates. Share with them your ideas and you will realize they know about the unfair treatment of women and young girls, but are just silent. Do this and the movement will grow.

To my fellow young activists, this is a brave move we are making, but we are ready to endure and persist to make sure that our sisters in this generation and the generations to come see the same balanced seesaw of equal rights and opportunities as their brothers.

My best,

Fighting for Women's Rights 101


Read Elvira's story here

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your feedback. I am very grateful to hear from different corners of the world. I am very happy to see the inspiration and the willingness to support women in your messages.

Thank you also for your questions on the women’s movement and other issues. I am very happy to share my experience with you. In my opinion, to begin a movement, or support activities against violence towards women, you should first research the current situation and the particular behaviors of people in your country. This is to be aware of the consequences of your actions and to find the best way to influence the situation and society. For example, sometimes radical methods are not the proper ones and can lead to harmful consequences for women.

If you have any particular issues you would like to discuss, I am always open to conversation and ready to help. To follow Women’s Resource Center’s activities and strategies, you can visit our website, Facebook, and Youtube.

My best wishes,


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