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labrys_thumb.jpgHomosexuality was illegal during the Soviet era. This legacy of hatred and disdain of Lesbian Bisexual and Transsexual (LBT) persons remains alive and well in Kyrgyzstan, a country that became independent with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

labrys-video.gif Families abandon and disown their openly gay children, employers discriminate and hate crimes are comonplace. Yet despite the dangers, Global Fund grantee Labyrs boldly addresses and advocates for the rights of the LBT community in Kyrgyzstan. Founded in 2004, the group has provided shelter, employment and psychological assistance to over 200 LGBT individuals.

Through networking and linking with women’s and LBT groups in Russia, Ukraine and the Balkans, Labrys has not only helped to provide a safe space for the LBT community in Kyrgyzstan, but has also created a powerful network that has drawn the attention of human rights advocates around the world. Labrys made this video to celebrate the power that networking and international solidiarity has to make a difference. Enjoy!

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