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After Nehivena’s sixth grade teacher sexually abused her at school, he left her badly hurt and alone in the classroom. With difficulty, the 12-year-old made her way home where her mother immediately took her for medical care and contacted the police.


The officer referred Nehivena’s mother to SIN-DO, a Global Fund for Women grantee that stepped in to pay Sabina’s medical expenses and support her family in filing charges against the teacher.

“It is thanks to SIN-DO that Nehivena is still alive,” said Nehivena’s mother.

Support from SIN-DO helped to convict the teacher and enabled Nehivena to resume her studies at a different school.

Teaching the Importance of Education

Sexual harassment in Beninese schools is a significant reason for low enrollment of girl students. SIN-DO’s programs reach the most marginalized adolescent girls through community-based training sessions on sexual harassment, forced marriage, and importance of girls’ education.

Global Fund for Women Grants in Benin

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“I have two daughters who had never been to school,” said Madame Lissassi Gbegan, whose daughter received her basic education certificate through a SIN-DO program. “SIN-DO provided school materials and visited them in school and at home to motivate them.”

Through their wide range of community programs, this Global Fund grantee, with a staff of just eight, has benefited over 40,000 women and girls in Benin over the last decade. Of these, 8,000 were adolescents – including several hundred adolescent mothers, according to a recent evaluation of SIN-DO by Honorine Honkou and commissioned by the Global Fund, with the support of the Nike Foundation.

Strategies for Change

The case study highlights the role of girl-focused community organizations, including SIN-DO. With the adoption of Benin's new 2006 education policies, SIN-DO is a vital partner as the Beninese government makes efforts to scale access to girls' education. The study further found strategies that engage parents, community leaders and girls directly catalyzed a widespread community movement toward girls’ education. Economic empowerment programs for mothers and training programs for parents to become advocates for their girls in school resulted in a striking increase in school enrollment and graduation rates for girls.

“Because of SIN-DO, we have changed our mentality regarding the education of our children. We recognize the importance of girls’ education,” said Adklommè Village Chief, Barnabè Koido.

Since 1998, Global Fund has awarded $158,000 in funding to SIN-DO. Currently, Global Fund supports nearly 200 community organizations in 78 countries that are working to secure girls’ rights, access to education and well-being.

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