Hiking for Women's Rights


The three have crawled their way to summits, their backs pressed close to the ground by sharp winds. They’ve had wild moose at their heels and slid down wet trails in the rain.

Seven-year-old Sage and ten-year-old Alex have been hiking with their mother, Trish for most of their lives. From the peaks of Katahdin in Maine to Elbert in Colorado, they have hiked all over the US. Their next challenge: El Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage route spanning nearly 500 miles.

For Sage and Alex, hiking is more than exercise; it fuels their campaign to raise money for the Global Fund for Women. After reading about our unique approach to women’s rights, the family knew they wanted to get involved by asking their friends and family to donate in honor of their journey.

“A lot of girls around the world need education and health,” said Sage, explaining her reasoning behind choosing Global Fund for her fundraising goal of $5,000.

It’s no accident that Sage and Alex have such a keen understanding of philanthropy at such a young age. Trish intentionally raises her girls with a social conscience.

“Hiking is not just something we do for ourselves,” said Trish. “We believe it’s important, whenever possible, to do what you can to support causes you believe in. If everyone did that, a lot of our problems would be straightened out in short order.”

With hours of training required for their two-month journey, Alex and Sage try to keep it all in perspective.

“It seems like it’s going to be a great adventure,” said Alex. “I used to be nervous, but now I’m really excited.”

Read more about Sage, Alex and Trish on their blog.


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