Saving Lives in Mexico

In April 2007, Mexico City passed a law legalizing abortion within 12 weeks of pregnancy. The Supreme Court upheld the law in August 2008, ruling that it did not violate the Mexican constitution. Since then, in a massive backlash, 17 Mexican states have passed constitutional reforms defining life from the moment of conception until natural death. As a result of these reforms, many women will be forced into clandestine, unsafe abortion – the fifth leading cause of maternal death in Mexico – and many will likely face criminal charges.


  • 100 life-saving abortions were facilitated by the network in one year.
  • 7 women freed from prison, all of whom were imprisoned on homicide charges for terminating their pregnancies. One had a miscarriage, two others aborted due to rape, and the rest had aborted accidental pregnancies.

In response to this conservative backlash, an alliance of women’s organizations from Guanajuato, Veracruz, and Michoacán, spearheaded by Global Fund for Women grantee partner Las Libres, established the Articulación Interestatal Por el Derecho A Decidir de las Mexicanas (Interstate Articulation for Mexican Women’s Right to Choose).

The Articulación advocates for a woman's right to safe therapeutic abortion services by promoting laws and policies. They expedite procedures in both the legal and health domains; and push states to decriminalize and destigmatize abortion. In the states where the Articulación is present, women have access to safe abortion without being criminalized, and they get adequate legal support in cases where they face criminal charges. In one year, these networks facilitated potentially life-saving access to abortion for more than 100 women.

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