The Women of Pakistan Thank You

A letter to our donors and supporters

Thank you very much for your immense generosity in supporting Pakistani women in great need. In the few weeks since the flood, we have raised nearly $100,000 to help our sisters in Pakistan. With your timely support, we have already provided several emergency grants to our grantee partners in Pakistan, and more grants are being approved as I write to you.

With the enormous need in Pakistan, the Global Fund for Women has sought to be both responsive and strategic with our grantmaking. We are funding organizations with the capacity to coordinate relief and advocacy efforts for women's leadership in reconstruction, as well as providing support to local, community-based grassroots organizations with the ability to reach the most remote and marginalized women. We are in the process of also providing support to women's groups working with Afghan women refugees.

Our first emergency grant went to Shirkat Gah, a 20-year grantee known for their pioneering work on women's rights in Pakistan and one of the first two NGOs to reach survivors in difficult to access regions. They have already provided food and emergency supplies to more than 300 rural families displaced by the flood and established two medical camps to provide urgent health care for survivors, including emergency OB/GYN care for pregnant women.

Another recipient of your support is Blue Veins - a long-established women's network in the region - to create 200 Multi-Purpose Committees (MPC) of women which is working with government and aid agencies to ensure that gender aspects of the relief and rehabilitation are not overlooked. We continue to receive disturbing news of growing sexual and gender based violence in the flood affected areas and camps. The MPCs will be vital to prevent and report on sexual and gender based violence most women will not report to officials because of shame and taboo.

A grant has also gone to Grassroots In Action, which is now organizing ten teams of one female physician and two public health and hygiene experts to travel over the next three months to 25 flood affected villages in the hard-hit district of Charsadda, reaching up to 15,000 women.

As elsewhere in the world, women in Pakistan are responsible for protecting their children, relatives, homes, and livestock, and quick to gather information about hazards to their families. That's why our grants go directly to women-led efforts in Pakistan, because we know that empowering women will be the single most effective way to prevent disease, violence, and death. Women's leadership is also critical to long-term renewal efforts in a context where it may take communities years or decades to recover.

With your support, the Global Fund for Women has been working hard to bolster our grantees' ability to respond immediately and to begin laying the groundwork to rebuild their devastated communities. With your support, women's groups in Pakistan are leading relief, renewal and reconstruction efforts.

With thanks,
Anasuya Sengupta
Regional Program Director
Asia and Oceania

P.S. The crisis in Pakistan is far from over - if you have not yet donated, please consider an emergency gift for the women of Pakistan today.


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