Thank you for all of your amazing work to support women’s human rights in your community. You can download a PDF of this checklist to ensure that you have the support you need to plan, execute and follow up on your event!

Two Months Before

___ Select the date for your party
___ Inform Global Fund for Women that you will be hosting an event or party and request an Event Organizing Kit.
___ Create a guest list
___ Create a budget and menu
___ Determine what your theme might be, ex: international potluck, mother daughter tea, etc.
___ Create a fundraising goal   

Six Weeks Before
___ Send invitations (click here to download and print at home)
___ Begin tracking RSVPs
___ Review all the materials in your Event Organizing Kit

Four Weeks Before
___ Finalize menu
___ Map out party logistics (i.e. if showing DVD, will everyone be able to see? Where will you stand to present?)  

One Week Before
___ Review RSVPs and call everyone you haven’t heard from
___ Confirm with caterer or menu planner
___ Purchase beverages and supplies
___ Assign “volunteers” to welcome and check in guests, restock beverages, replenish food, etc.

Three Days Before
___ Make reminder calls to everyone who plans to attend
___ Select music
___ Decorate

Day Of Your Event
___ Prepare beverages and food
___ Ask volunteers to arrive 1-2 hours before event to help with preparations and last-minute details
___ Setup sign-in table with pens, sign-in sheets and nametags (click here for a Sign-In Sheet to print at home)
___ Set out Global Fund materials ie: annual report, newsletter and brochures
___ Greet guests, take their coats and help them sign in
___ Set aside a basket or plate to collect donations
___ Have fun!!

The Presentation (see sample speaking points for more details)
___ Gather your guests and present your reasons for hosting the house party and supporting the Global Fund for Women
___ Show the DVD and play the Quiz on the DVD
___ Invite guests to ask questions
___ Hand out donation envelopes and ask each guest to make a contribution  

After the Event
___ Collect all donation envelopes and the sign-in sheet and send them in one package to the Global Fund:

The Global Fund for Women
222 Sutter Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94108 USA

___ Send thank you notes or e-mails to all your guests. All guests who donated will also receive a thank you letter for their tax-deductible donation from the Global Fund.
___ Send an e-mail to those invited who were not able to attend your event and ask them to make an online donation to the Global Fund in honor of your house party. If they choose to write a check, have them put your name and house party in the memo line.


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