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Welcome to the Global Fund's house party section! Here, we have put together materials and information that will help you plan, coordinate and organize events to raise visibility and support for the Global Fund.

The Global Fund's work is grounded in the belief that giving can be an act of social change, and that by connecting people with opportunities for giving we are building a global community of advocates for the rights of women.   Our grantees know that a grant from the Global Fund represents the collective support of individuals and institutions that believe in their capacity to address complex challenges.  They know that each grant comes from women and men who trust in the work and see them not as subjects of charity, but as agents of their own change.

We invite you to join us in supporting women's organizations around the world by hosting an event in your community.  Each year, thousands gather in the month of March to celebrate International Women's Day.  This March, we invite you to join others around the globe by hosting your event in March in honor of International Women's Day.  You too are a part of the global women's movement--bring it to your community!

Resources To Get You Going!

Start here and fill out a form so we can be in touch and get you all the information you need.

Looking for party ideas? Read examples and testimonials about parties organized by our incredible donors.

As you plan your party, consider this checklist to ensure you have all you need.

Our thoughtfully put together Event Organizing Kit will help prepare for a small or big party.

And finally, checkout some sample speaking points to get your party interested in the Global Fund!

For more information and resources about hosting a house-party, please contact Renee Saedi or call 415-248-4800.


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