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Financial Highlights and Stewardship of Resources FY 2010-2011

Total Revenues: 50% individuals, 27% foundations, 11% corporations, 11% investments & other, 1% government. Total Expenditures: 77% programs, 14% fundraising, 9% management & general

The Global Fund for Women completed fiscal year 2010 – 2011 in a strong and healthy financial position, with net assets totaling almost $17.5 million. Some key financial highlights include:

  • The Global Fund awarded $8.9 million in grants — more than in any previous year! This brings the cumulative total of grants awarded,  since our inception in 1987, to more than $90 million.
  • Thanks to generous support from our donors, the Global Fund raised more than $14 million this fiscal year — surpassing the previous fiscal year by 18%. These contributions came from diverse sources,  with 50% from individual donors, 27% from foundations, 11% from corporations and 2% from governmental institutions.
  • Our investments earned nearly $1.7 million, an increase of 86% from the previous fiscal year. These investment earnings helped to support Global Fund operations and grow its endowment funds.
  • We continued to maintain our historically strong expense ratios,  with 77 cents of every dollar raised spent directly on programmatic activities. The remaining 23% was split between fundraising (14%) management and general (9%).

As these financial indicators show, the Global Fund for Women’s financial health remains strong in spite of a challenging economic environment.  In fact, we are pleased to have received our 10th consecutive clean independent audit. Now more than ever, the Global Fund understands the importance of good financial stewardship, and places an extremely high value on the public trust bestowed upon us by our donors and grantees.  Our stewardship promise is a renewed commitment to strong financial management, prudent financial policies, and an investment strategy that is both socially responsible and aligned with Global Fund values.

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