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Rebuilding Humanity, Social Fabrics and Movements in Post-Conflict Settings: Reflections from Liberia and Sierra Leone

June 2010

Muadi Mukenge, GFW Program Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, traveled to Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa for 19 days in June and will share an update on her learnings from women's rights groups as the two countries rebuild after over a decade of war.  The itinerary included grantee convenings and in-depth conversations with a range of grantees, program beneficiaries, government officials, and potential grantees, as well as visits to rural communities.

The trip was a real eye-opener, and enabled GFW to appreciate multi-layers of history, agendas, challenges, and opportunities. The Sub-Saharan Africa portfolio has prioritized the Manu River Region (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone) as well as the Great Lakes due to conflict and post-conflict contexts which have completely destabilized the sub-regions while creating immense population flows, severe psychological trauma, and staggering levels of poverty. These conflicts tend to fracture the women’s movements as well, or sometimes make it difficult to work on transformation when immediate survival and rebuilding needs are prominent.

Audio_ButtonBListen to Muadi Mukenge share her insights and reflections on her trip to Sierra Leone and Liberia on Africa Today, a popular discussion show on KPFA 94.1 FM, a Berkeley-based community radio station »