Merger FAQ

A bold new force for change: announcing the merger of Global Fund for Women & International Museum of Women

Q. Why Merge?

A.Global Fund for Women and International Museum of Women (IMOW) share a vision– a just, equitable and sustainable world in which women and girls have resources, voice, choice and opportunities to realize their human rights. Global Fund’s strengths are its networks, impact grantmaking and grounding in women’s human rights. IMOW’s strengths are “changing hearts and minds” through inspiring online content, high quality exhibitions, digital story-telling and the arts. We’ve come to realize that we can pursue our shared vision more strongly together – and that the return for the world’s women will be greater.

Q. Will merging take money away from grantmaking?

A.No, we will continue to be a leading funder of women’s human rights. We believe it will help us generate even more resources for women-led organizations and the movement. Human rights work hinges on educating people in ways that change their way of thinking about and compel them to act upon challenges facing women and girls. Together, we can develop a unique and strong media and advocacy platform and competence that can change minds and open check books.

Q. How does merging make Global Fund unique, what will actually be different?

A.We’ll have an integrated approach to women’s human rights. Many not-for-profits operate in silos i.e. campaigns, policy, or philanthropy. Together we’ve recognized that you need to integrate all three, all the time, in order to propel the kind of deep seeded change we seek. Merging allows us to do that; to play in multiple spaces and power transformative change at every level. IMOW’s skills in digital story-telling around major issues for women will catalyze and accelerate Global Fund’s communications efforts. Global Fund can connect IMOW’s awareness and story-telling effort with focused activism and fundraising opportunities to propel women’s rights.

Q. Is there a danger that IMOW becomes just “PR” for Global Fund for Women?

A.No. The merger creates a global voice for unheard women and women’s issues all over the world – especially aligned with Global Fund impact areas of Zero Violence, Political and Economic Empowerment and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. This work will be a major pillar of the organization’s work and theory of change. And it will draw both from and beyond existing Global Fund grantees and networks.

Q. What happens to Global Fund and IMOW websites?

A.In the short term, before the two websites are merged, the IMOW website will continue with links to the Global Fund website. Since Global Fund and IMOW websites have highly specialized functions, merging the two will take time. Ultimately we envision becoming online global hub for expertise, multi-media and philanthropy on women’s human rights.

Q. Are Global Fund and IMOW boards merging?

A.No, as part of the merger agreement, two members of the IMOW board will join Global Fund board of directors. They are IMOW board chair Roxane Divol and IMOW Board Secretary Chandra Alexandre.

Q. Who will lead Global Fund for Women?

A.Musimbi Kanyoro is President and CEO. IMOW’s Executive Director, Clare Winterton becomes VP of Advocacy and Innovation with Global Fund.

Q. Will the offices move? Will the name change?

A.Under the terms of the merger, IMOW becomes a part of Global Fund for Women; Global Fund headquarters will remain in San Francisco, CA. with an office in New York City. In the longer term we aim to create a single website and brand for the merged organization and the IMOW name will discontinue. You will see a number of changes in the months and year ahead as the results of the merger unfold.

Q. What does Global Fund Founding President Anne Firth Murray think of the merger?

A. Anne is very supportive. When she, Frances Kissling and Laura Lederer founded Global Fund for Women in 1987, its three “areas of concern as they relate to women” were Human Rights, Media and Communications Technology, and Economic Autonomy. So in many ways merging with IMOW puts that commitment front and center once more.


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