The Silenced. Speak.

Portrait of a domestic worker. Photo courtesy National Domestic Workers Alliance


Whether working the double shift in and out of home, or facing violence because of their gender, women’s already heavy burdens are further compounded by other factors, such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age and disability. Recognizing this, Global Fund for Women prioritizes supporting women who are up against the greatest challenges to realizing their basic human rights.

“When particularly marginalized women gain a voice and agency, that is a game changer.”Shalini Nataraj \\ Global Fund Director of Advocacy and Partnerships

Our grantmaking for the past 25 years has been guided by the fundamental belief that social justice can exist only when those who are being silenced, living outside the norm, and on the margins of their communities have voice, choice, and resources to take control and power over their own lives.

In their fight for basic human rights, Global Fund grantee partners often put their own lives at risk by pushing against governments, corporations and religious institutions. We intentionally direct resources to women most affected — whether rural women, indigenous women, sex workers, HIV-positive women, and lesbians and trans- gender individuals — because we believe they must be central actors agitating for cultural and political change.

“When particularly marginalized women gain a voice and agency, that is a game changer,” said Shalini Nataraj, Director of Advocacy and Partnerships at Global Fund.

“It changes the discourse and lifts the boat for everybody.”

Global Fund invests in changing attitudes and behaviors, where most funders fear to tread, as the work is long and often frustrating. The returns can be significant when particularly oppressed women such as domestic workers, sex workers or migrant workers have their rights as humans and workers recognized and protected.

“I don’t think there’s any other organization like the Global Fund,” said Daniel Lee, Executive Director of the Levi Strauss Foundation. “It’s the premier women’s organization that has tentacles in every women’s movement around the world.”

Photo courtesy National Domestic Workers Alliance