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I finish university and get my degree
– Salomy, Malawi

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  1. I want to. Not when they expect me to.
  2. I meet someone who is gonna love me as a whole human being, who is gonna seek for the soul inside of me and respect me as a person, a partner, a friend. Not just a pretty doll he can caress and play with. And I´m gonna feel the same way about him. Marriage shouldn´t be about somebody else deciding for me, neither about fear of staying alone, but about a free decision that the life with this very person is gonna fullfill me and make me happier and a better person.
  3. when I am ready to make the decision myself.24434252
  4. I'm ready.
  5. I will marry when I am old enough and I meet someone I truly love and wan't to spend my life with.
  6. When i am ready and willing.
  7. ...I want!!!
  8. Parents should let their girls be married when they able to assume their responsibilities ( after they reach 18 years), and are able to choose themselve their parteners.
  9. ...I choose!
  10. ...when I know myself and what I want with my life.
  11. I will when I am physically, psychologically and emotionally mature. If I can not vote during the forth coming parliamentary and presidential elections happening in Malawi this year because I am 17 years and underage then I am not eligible to marry!
  12. I will marry when I meet someone who respects me as their equal partner and supports my ambitions.
  13. ... when I find a partner who supports my goals, ambitions and dreams as much their own.
  14. The issue of marriage should not be a culture that MUST be followed, it doesn't matter how old one is, but it should be an individual decision. Let girls get married when they want and at their own will.
  15. Girls need to be married at least one year after their University graduation for those who are able to reach that level because its believed that by this time, a girl will probably be at the age of 21 years in case she completed her primary level at the age of 11 years. But for those who will not have made it to the university due to a number of reasons, then they can be married at the age of 20 and only if she has had a full personal consent. As a message to all girls "NO BODY SHOULD MAKE ANY CONSENT IN REGARDS TO MARRIAGE ON YOUR BEHALF" because this is a life time institution - it doesn't have a prescribed period of stay like in a school or at a job which you can leave whenever desired.
  16. I am ready physically and emotionally, when I have a way to independently support myself, and only if I want to.
  17. Girls must be married when thy're ready for ...
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