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Fill in the blank: I Will Marry When __________________

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I finish university and get my degree
– Salomy, Malawi

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  1. I will marry when I'm ready, if I so desire.
  2. I will marry when i become economically stable and when i feel that i have done all other fun except it. Not when the boy or my family want.
  3. I will marry when that man after God's own heart asks me to marry him. At 24, I know I am ready to handle whatever life has to throw at me, I can do all through Christ who strengthens me. But I will not sit around and watch my sister get abused, whatever age she is.
  4. I will not marry until I have found someone who respects me for me, all my flaws, and even sees them as part of what makes me beautiful. Someone who wants to grow with me to become a better person and make a difference in the world for others. Only when together we are ready will we marry and continue to grow together paving our path forward.
  5. I will marry if I am ready and if I meet someone that we fall in love with each other and we want to spend our life together until God separates us. :")3
  6. I got married at the age of 26 after I have completed the higher institution and i was working earning my own income. I did because I wanted to, no one forced me.
  7. I will marry when I want to stay the rest of my life with my loved one
  8. I will marry when I'm ready to settle down and have a baby. I'm 26 this year, giving myself 3 years to explore my potentials in my career and at the same time, allowing myself to grow as a person. My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for almost 10 years but we both agree that we shouldn't rush into marriage especially when we barely know ourselves.
  9. Why should I want to marry at all? Marriage is an archaic and patriarchal institution!
  10. When I am ready to marry and start up a family, after 28 years old probably. Not because some whack job thinks I am ready because of my age, especially when I am too young.
  11. when I am ready, not forced to and obviously not when they expect me to!
  12. I will marry when I want to, when I am ready to, and when I choose to
  13. ...when I am ready and when "I" want to.
  14. I will marry only if I want to, when I want to, to the person I want to (and wants to marry me). I will marry not necessarily to have children, that is not a given. For me, marriage is a foundation for creativity, growth, positive challenges, intimacy both physical & emotional. No one man can meet all my needs as I can't meet all of their needs but our marriage is a serious commitment for as long as it lasts...whether it be a year or aa lifetime. I will NEVER marry a man who abuses me physically, financially, or emotionally. Marriage = support not destruction. Lastly, I will marry when I find a man who has time for both serious work & serious play, never forgets the child in himself but also has the wisdom of maturity & responsibility. It takes 2 to tango!
  15. Girls must be raised well and be allowed to enjoy their childhood, be educated, be empowered and taught important principles and values about life in general. Parents should not marry their girls off for selfish reasons. Girls should be allowed to choose their partners whom they believe will respect and treat them as human beings and not as slaves or chattels. It is their human and women's right.
  16. when i am ready legally , morally and ethically and when my mind and heart together,are ready and when i am not in any kind of pressure!
  17. ...when I am ready and have found a partner with whom I share mutual love, respect, support and understanding.
  18. I will marry when i find a partner who can make me feel happy and loved. :)
  19. I will marry whenever "I" decide!
  20. I will marry when I am set!
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