Solidarity Letter To Our Advisors And Friends In China

Solidarity Letter To Our Advisors and Friends in China 

May 13, 2008

Dear Advisors and Friends,

We want to express our solidarity with you during this difficult time as you, your friends, and family continue to recover from the devastating earthquake on Monday May 12, 2008, that has already cost more than 15,000 precious lives with reports of more lost every day.  On behalf of the entire staff and Board of the Global Fund for Women, we express our deepest sympathy for those families that have lost loved ones in the recent earthquake. 

Through the press, radio, fellow grantees, advisors and our friends, we have learned of the disturbing consequences to the daily lives of people in the affected areas of the country as a result of the earthquake. As you know, our main objective as a women's fund is to strengthen women's organizing efforts and groups at all times. In this time of disruption in your country, we wish to recognize your courageous work as your family and friends continue to recover from this natural disaster.

The Global Fund understands that your organizations are under immediate pressure to respond to local crises in your communities. Please know that while we are unable to act as a relief funder and provide emergency support, in expressing our solidarity the Global Fund is here to support you in your long-term work to strengthen women's human rights in your communities. We fully support your work to promote sustainable redevelopment within a gender and human rights framework among women-led organizations affected by the earthquake in Sichuan province.

If your group currently has an open grant from the Global Fund, you should feel free to use them for whatever activities you believe are most critical at this time of urgent need.  If you find that your current Global Fund grant would be better spent on relief efforts, please feel free to reallocate your existing funds as you see fit.  For example, you may decide that your current grant would be better used to purchase water, food, clothing, or materials for building shelter or livelihood tools. Your group does not need to seek our approval prior to reallocating funds under emergency circumstances.  We only ask that you notify us when submitting your final report.  Additionally, if you spend your grant before the one-year grant period is over, you may reapply for funding, submitting a renewal proposal with a final report to help us close your previous grant.  We will make every effort to expedite your request.

We understand that this is a very important time for people in China to act to ensure that family, friends, and the women you work with are able to rebuild their lives.  We hope you will share with us how best the Global Fund can support your hopes for the future of your organization and community.

In solidarity,

Kavita Ramdas,
President & CEO, Global Fund for Women

Shalini Nataraj,
Vice President of Programs

Dechen Tsering,
Program Officer for Asia and Oceania

Elaine Howard,
Program Associate for Asia and Oceania


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