Global Fund's Solidarity Letter To Our Georgian Grantees

Dear friends of Global Fund for Women! Dear Sisters in Georgia!

I am writing to you with a very heavy heart hoping you all are doing well and staying strong in this time of great distress. We are reading news here with fragmented and not always clear reports and we are very worried about all of you.  In times like this it is easy to get depressed and silenced but we want you to know that you have sisters all over the world who are sending their positive energy and thoughts and solidarity and love to all of you right now. We are hoping this madness will end very soon and will have as little damage and devastation left afterwards.

If you have any information you want and can share with us about how you are and what the situation is, please write to us. We really want to know the direct information from the people on the ground. If you write to us, please let us know if it is okay with you for us to share your words with our Global Fund community through our web site. We want to pass on your voices to general public in the United States to hear someone else's voices but politicians.

In solidarity and with great concern,

Angelika Arutyunova
Program Officer for Europe and CIS
Global Fund for Women


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