Statement of Arab's Women Forum - AISHA

Stop the Massacre in Gaza
Open letter to: all World leaders, United Nations, civil society, and all free people over the world

Arab Women’s Forum – AISHA strongly condemn the organized collective genocide against Palestinian women, children, and people in Gaza by the occupied Zionism state and forces. This collective genocide that is considered war crimes, crimes against humanity, carried out while the entire world stands by silent and celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, proud of because of the progress accomplishments that have been achieved in this domain. Meanwhile, Palestinian people have been commemorating the sixtieth years of Nakbah and other consecutive massacres. 

While Gaza has been suffering from sieges and hunger it woke up on blood swamp, and where ghosts of death and destruction prevail everywhere. Gaza woke up on a massive terrorist operation by the Israeli Zionism against the brave women and children of Gaza Strip. Terrorism ripped hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounds while the international and Arab communities, who laud democracy and human rights, stand by silence and didn't even dare to condemn the Israeli savageness aggression and massacres against Palestinian people in Gaza, with ignorance to all human rights conventions, laws and international resolutions. The international and Arabic silence and reaction push the Zionist occupied forces to exaggerate and persist in its terror and crimes against Palestinians in Gaza Strip.       

From our position as Arab Woman’s Arabic Forum; we believe that women's rights in Palestine will be achieved by the just solution for Palestinian cause and the establishment of full democratic independent Palestinian state that has all the constituents of the state. We as Arab Women’s Forum consider the Zionist Massacre and Gaza's siege are international and Arab’s responsibility that should be stopped immediately. We consider this savage criminal Zionist action targeted all the free persons in the world and blows all the values and principles of the human rights and peace in the world.       

We are greeting the women's heroism of Gaza and Palestine who are standing in dignity besides their men and children in the absence of the basic elements of confrontation, those women and children of Gaza who are engraving the honor of the land by their pure flesh and blood.       We are assuring our full solidarity with women of Palestine and with all Palestinian people. We demand from the Arab and international communities the followings:

1- Immediate intervention to stop the massacre, and exerting serious effort to oblige Israel to stop its the siege over Gaza and its genocide operations against Palestinian people. Also, to oblige Israel to commit and execute the international resolutions that guarantees Palestinians’ self – determination, independence and freedom.

2- Calling the UN Security Council, which deals with the Palestinian people in dualism way, to defend the humanity and the Palestinian human rights and to take immediate intervention to stop the aggression, the Israeli massacre, the river of blood in Gaza and to take the obligatory decisions that can stop the terror of the state that is committed daily, against the Palestinian people by the Zionist State. 

3- Practicing pressure over the Arab governments and regimes to take an immediate lobby attitude and urgent procedures to break the siege, open the closed paths, and to stop aggression against Gaza. 

4- Immediate protection and relief intervention for Palestinian people in Gaza. 

5- Inviting the Palestinians to unify their political program to confront the Israeli aggression and to lead the Palestinian people towards independence and liberation.
All Greetings and solidarity with women of Palestine and Palestinian people in Gaza. All the respect and admiration to the Martyrs Long live the resistance of the glorious Palestinian people 

Long live Palestine, free and dignified by its women, men and children.

Arab Women’s Forum 
Beirut 29/12/2008 


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