Gaza Crisis: How You Can Help

Support Groups Working on the Ground in Gaza

GFW's Crisis FundThe Global Fund for Women is committed to working with our grantees in Gaza to support their efforts to meet critical needs for food and medicine, rebuild their communities and continue their work to promote women’s rights after the immediate crisis is over.  Currently, the Global Fund for Women supports eight women and children’s organizations in Gaza, some of which are using their open grants to deal with immediate humanitarian needs. A donation to the Crisis Fund is a direct way to support the Global Fund’s work in Gaza.

Read About How The Global Fund Responded To The Crisis In Gaza

(Published: 2/23/09)

Other Groups Working To Get Direct Relief:
  • UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine and the Middle East
  • The Middle East Children's Alliance
    MECA is a non-profit organization that works for the rights and the well being of children in the Middle East.  MECA sends shipments of aid to Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, and supports projects that make life better for the children.
  • Palestinian Children's Relief Fund
    The Palestine Children's Relief Fund  addresses the medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youths in the Middle East. The group is currently providing crucial medical relief to the hundreds of children injured by Israeli attacks.
  • Kinder USA
    KinderUSA  is requesting donations to provide direct relief to groups on the ground during the ongoing crisis.
  • Women's Learning Partnership
    Women's Learning Partnership is dedicated to building and promoting women's leadership and empowerment. in the Global South and has chapters in 18 countries, including Palestine. Donations to help during the ongoing crisis can be marked "Palestine."
  • Free Gaza
    Free Gaza is a group of human rights observers, aid workers, and journalists working for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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