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Wild Women With Disabilities Speak Out

A grantee partner speaks about the importance of the Global Fund to her organization's work with women with disabilitiesGlobal Fund Program Team member Iris Garcia attended Mobility International USA (MIUSA)'s WILD2010 event in Oregon last month. Meet our grantees who attended this inspiring event. Watch the video »


West African Women and Water Training

water drips into a bowl, an image from the West African Women and Water video

Watch an inspiring video on the recent ‘West African Women and Water Training’ in Ghana. This video features Maame (Alice) Yelbert-Obeng, of the GFW Sub-Saharan Africa Team. Watch the videoarrow_on_white_s.gif

Find out more about the organizers: The Global Women’s Water Initiative, Crabgrass, A Single Drop and the Women’s Earth Alliance.


How the Military Coup in Honduras Gave Birth to Feminist Resistance

Marching for justice in HondurasHonduran feminist scholar Adelay Carias recently wrote a vital historical analysis of the enduring women's movement in Honduras amid decades of political instability. Read her incisive analysis on the Just Associates (JASS) blog »


Stepping Toward a Brighter Future in Sierra Leone

Muadi Mukenge, GFW Program Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa for 9 days in June and shares this update on her experiences.

Muadi Mukenge with GFW advisor Susan Sesay

This past June, I took a whirlwind trip through this beautiful country recovering from a devastating 11-year war.
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Donor Day Reflections: Why I Admire GFW

supporter_joanBy Josie Hadden

I was thrilled to be a donor participant at the Global Fund For Women’s recently held Donor Day. The theme of GFW’s new initiative “Reclaiming Peace & Security: Women Dismantling Militarism” was the central focus of this inspiring event.

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