Event Organizing Kit

We've created these documents to help you organize your house party to benefit the Global Fund for Women!

To have an Event Organizing Kit sent to you please fill out this form.

  • Need help coming up with an idea for your event? Here's a list of events other donors have organized for International Women's Day.
  • We've compiled tips from previous hosts to help you plan a successful event. You can also download a PDF checklist and cross off items as they are accomplished.
  • Are you concerned about speaking about the Global Fund in front of a group of people? We've written sample speaking points to help you prepare for your event. You can also download a PDF of this document to use at your event.
  • Download and print out our International Women's Day brochure either in color or black and white to give to your guests.
  • Afraid you won't be able to answer all your guests questions about the Global Fund? Download and print out our Frequently Asked Questions .
  • Download and print this Sign-In Sheet to help keep track of everyone who attends your event.
  • Want to send your guests invitations in the mail? You can download and print out color or black and white versions of the card pictured here.



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