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Many of our supporters have said, “Great! I’d be love to let people know about the Global Fund for Women, but honestly I’m a little nervous.” Some people are worried about entertaining, others are shy about speaking in public about the Global Fund, and many are hesitant to ask their friends and family for a donation. Taking a stand on what you believe in and asking others to support you are important actions. But moments along the way can feel uncertain.

What we continually hear, however, is that the event touches those who were invited and the host herself. One house party host writes, “I was surprised that so many of my guests actually thanked me for organizing the event - people were grateful to be introduced to the Global Fund's good work.”

Here are a few examples of events donors have hosted:

•    In Palo Alto, California Elizabeth Weal hosted a mother-daughter brunch.

•    In Hawaii, Ter DePuy held her 65th birthday party as a benefit for the Global Fund.  She raised $2,365!

•    In San Francisco, Katka Kastnerova rallied local businesses to donate food, wine, gifts and services for her event. She invited local musicians to play in her living room. The event raised over $1,000!

•    In Florida, Lisa Green hosted an international potluck where 30+ people attended representing 13 different countries.

•    Rachel Niederman, 16, held a community picnic in her neighborhood park with her soccer team, family friends, neighbors, teachers, and the local rotary club. A dance teacher donated an hour of free salsa lessons. The event raised almost $3,000!

•    Erin Oglesby along with her mother and sister invited family and friends to watch and discuss “The Shape of Water,” a film featuring several Global Fund grantees.

•    In Bellingham, Washington at Western University, student Betsy Hartner organized a benefit concert at a local bar where she held a part-time job. She charged a $4 entrance fee and raised $1,000!

•    In Palo Alto, California, Global Fund President Kavita Ramdas hosted a henna party. The event raised $4,850!

•    In Petaluma, California Jan Stoner, a decade-long donor, spoke at her church about the Global Fund’s work in Sub-Saharan Africa.

•    In Larkspur, California, Erika Gessin hosted a fashion swap where her guests brought clothes to auction off.


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