Who First Taught You About Sex and Pregnancy?

Who first taught you about sex and pregnancy

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Who first taught you about sex and pregnancy? Share your story below.

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  1. I was taught by my 16 year old cousin who sexually abused me when I was about 9years old. I still didn't really understand sex until later when I heard other kids referring to it and talking about it. I even had kids proposition me for sex and I had no idea what they were talking about I was completely confused. I did get some "sex education" in Middle school I think it was and even then it was just how not to get pregnant. So now wonder that later on when I did start having sex I learned that men had and have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to please a woman.
  2. When I was seven years old I started asking my parents about where babies came from, and my mom decided that it was time to sit me down and talk about it. She walked my sister and I through "Where did I Come From?" a book that was popular around the time. It was a complete look at sexual and reproductive development for both sexes, what happens when two people like each other enough to have sex, and what happens afterward if a pregnancy results. She was really great about being open and honest with me, for what must have been an awkward moment for her. Feeling empowered with all of my new found knowledge, I promptly went and told all of my friends about this amazing things I had learned about penises, vaginas and sex - this did not however, go over very well with my classmates parents and my mom and dad had to take more than a couple phone calls about it... oops! Sex Education wasn't taught in my public school system for another three years.
  3. My older sister was the one who I went to. I'm not sure where she learned, though I suspect it was from friends rather than from our mother. We had no sex ed in school that I can remember. We probably touch on the basics in biology class in some way. (This would be late 60s early 70s))
  4. Nobody taught me. My parents divorced when I was 11 and my father, who apparently had the conversation with my older brother, who was killed when I was 10, did not have it with me, and despite repeated attempts to get my mother to provide whatever book they had given my older brother, I was never provided with any literature nor spoken to about human sexuality or contraceptives. This was in the late-1960s when sexuality was, so to speak, in the air and I remember thinking later than perhaps my conservative parents had reacted to the Summer of Love by retreated into denial.
  5. My very progressive mother bought a copy of "Our Bodies Ourselves" and also "The Little Red School Book" so I could read about things that were too embarrassing to ask ((even though she was quite willing to talk to me). It was a huge help to have a place to turn and certain passages I read over and over.
  6. Sex ed in elementary school, believe it or not - though I had an idea from watching cows and bulls in the fields of France.
  7. My mom told me about sex when I was about 6 years old. I learned more about it as I got older. I was lucky to have a mom who was very sex positive and pro-women. I had sex education in 5th grade and learned about condoms at that time. Around the age of 14 or 15 my mom and grandma told me more about the importance of birth control pills and using other methods of contraception.
  8. I grew up on a farm ... and from a very early age I observed all sorts of animals procreating ... It wasn't gross - it was nature. By the time I reached adolescence, my mother talked with me - but it wasn't a mystery. Mating for life is not a mystery either - a lot of species do. Humans have highly overrated sexuality.
  9. My mother. And she gave me a message that was quite radical back then and there (Argentina in the late 60s): that what matters was to "do it" because you wanted to, for love or for pleasure, and not just to please others, because it was expected from you or was your "duty". I have tried to live up to her wisdom as much as I could!
  10. The article, "Reproduction," in the 1971 World Book Encyclopedia. I chickened out on 6th grade "human reproductive biology day," about 2 minutes into the presentation (even though I'd read the aforementioned article), but the following two years, I sat through the presentations, with the 8th grade one including in-depth discussion of contraception, and emotions, and self-control, as well as written work.
  11. Ironically, I learned in in 6th grade at Catholic School. I remember I was mortified but I would have rather learn it that way then from my parents. Whenever my mom wanted to talk about it I wanted to die.
  12. Mother.
  13. My 5th grade teacher even though she looked really uncomfortable lol
  14. Definitely not my parents who never mentioned sex even after my mother suffered a miscarriage when I was 16. Between friends at school and biology class, I was able to piece things together. And when I got to college, I was fortunate that it had a health clinic that dispensed birth control and information about safe sex.
  15. A really great science teacher in high school, around 71, was really well done, one of the best classes we ever had, and everyone was paying attention
  16. I had a class in school in 5th grade but it was all focused on reproduction and sexual function... I didn't learn about birth control until my teens from my older sister... Till the day she died, my mother never discussed anything around this topic with me at all...
  17. There was a homeopathic physician in the small city I lived in. She held classes for boys and girls concerning puberty and sex and it was from her that I learned. My mother was too embarrassed to talk to me about it. This was in the 1950s.
  18. My grade 6 teacher, Ms Wachna. Yes she talked to us about birth control but she also mentioned respect, cleanliness (on your partner's part!) and saying 'No' when it didn't feel right. When people asked how would they know, she said, "You always know, so listen." She was great.
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