Rising Stars: Women Spark Small Business Boom

What do you get when you mix the deep knowledge and networks of Global Fund for Women with that of grantee partners and the financial expertise of MasterCard Worldwide? You get a solid business plan with probable high dividends.

In 2011, Global Fund and three grantee partners teamed up with MasterCard Worldwide to boost the potential of women business owners in the Philippines. The returns on this investment have been strong. In fact, in the first three months of the partnership, the Philippines had its first ever women-own women-run organic produce store.

Project Impact

  • 432 women accessed credit, savings, and insurance services for their micro & community enterprises
  • 108 micro-business received support in business incubation and financial literacy
  • 339 women were trained in new business skills specifically related to entrepreneurship

As we watched the network of women business owners grow, we saw the face and focus of local economies in the Philippines change for the better.

"Business is like gambling. We take a gamble and we don't really know what will happen next. But if we learn the skills, at least we have an ace,” Pen Bullo, Coordinator, Unlad Kabayan Migrant Service Foundation.


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