Multimedia Projects

These awareness-raising campaigns were created by the International Museum of Women, now part of Global Fund for Women.

painting of a woman looking into the distance

Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women's Human Rights

Imagining Equality is a global online media project that explores the state of women's human rights and imagines a future of gender equality. As the UN prepares to create a new set of international development goals, we want your voices and ideas to spark a global conversation about a new decade for women's human rights. What have been the greatest victories and challenges for women in your community? What rights are you fighting for?

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Curating Change

the words CURATING CHANGE on a video still of an oceanscape

Curating Change features the voices of incredible women thought-leaders, filmmakers, and activists who curate their favorite stories from our rich global archives.

Muslim Women's Art and Voices

Painting of a woman wearing hijab, headphones, and sunglasses

A groundbreaking collection of thought pieces and artwork from contemporary Muslim women who are defining their own identities and, in the process, shattering pervasive stereotypes.

Motherhood Around the Globe

photo of a south Asian woman lying on a bed looking at her baby

MAMA explores the realities and ideas of a new global generation of mothers through art, stories and powerful voices fueling a movement for mothers' human rights and maternal health.

Women and the Global Economy

south Asian woman looks out on a field of crops just beginning to sprout

Economica illuminates the range of ways that women interact with money--as earners, consumers, caretakers and decision makers in households, board rooms, and halls of government.

Women, Power and Politics

a woman speaks at a political rally while the sun sets in the distance

The untold stories of women claiming and exercising their power around the world and throughout history come alive in this global online exhibition.

Imagining Ourselves

photograph of a woman leaping into the air

This award-winning exhibition connected young women around the world and inspired them to create positive change in their own lives, their communities, or globally.

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