Vera Zlidenny

donor-verazlidenny.jpg"Workplace giving helps me manage my budget while also doing good for the community," says Vera Zlidenny, a regular and committed donor to the Global Fund. Workplace giving allows employees to regularly donate to non-profit organizations of their choice through payroll pledges that are deducted from their paychecks. The Global Fund is honored to have many employees support our work through this process.

As marketing director of McKesson Corporation's pharmaceutical distribution division, Vera's desire to give to the Global Fund stems from her personal desire to succeed and her wish to extend to girls and women the opportunity to secure financial freedom. "When I first learned of the Global Fund for Women, I was struck by the entrepreneurial spirit of the women, their determination to succeed, and how little it took, relatively speaking, to transform their lives," she notes. "I wanted to be a part of that change and not just read about it."

As a first generation American of Ukrainian descent, Vera appreciates the privileges she enjoys as a successful working woman and is keen to share with other women not just once a year, but every pay period. "My vision is that all women and girls have the financial freedom to make the best choices for themselves and their families, that they always have options and never feel trapped, and that they can contribute to their families, communities, and our world in their own meaningful ways."

To learn more about workplace giving and how you can support the Global Fund through giving regularly, please visit this link or contact Camille Matson at 415-248-4800.


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