Jan Stoner

Jan Stoner"My heart is with the Global Fund for Women," says Inspiration Partner Jan Stoner. Read Jan's philanthropic reflections in discussion with Lanell Dike, from the Global Fund for Women.

I became a supporter of the Global Fund for Women in 1995 after I heard one of the founders Anne Firth Murray speak at an event in Palo Alto.

As a feminist and a doctor I was immediately drawn to the organization. I know that what I have in my life is a result of the women who have gone before me. Being a part of the Global Fund is a way for me to extend the support I have received to other women.

Every woman on the planet deserves her rights and our world is better for everyone when women have power. When I became a feminist in 1971 it was a big step of courage. Saying that you were for women’s rights was going against the status quo. This is still true today and even more so for the women the Global Fund supports in 169 countries.

In 2007 I traveled with the Global Fund for Women to Kenya in Africa and witnessed this circle of support in action. We met with women installing clean water pumps for their villages, women creating domestic violence laws to end abuse, women setting up their own businesses and African Muslim women empowered by their faith despite fundamentalist attempts to restrict their freedoms.

We all need a support network as we take our courageous steps for women’s rights. Because of the Global Fund for Women every woman I met knew that she was not alone. She was part of a network extending around the world.

Fourteen years later and I am still inspired to donate every single year. My heart is with the Global Fund for Women. Being an Inspiration Partner is my way of giving back and sharing the blessings I have received.


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