Jen St. Hilaire

Jen St. Hilaire"Global Fund for Women has inspired me so much as an entrepreneur, both to open my mind to new ways of giving back to the community and to expand my understanding of who my community is to include women whose lives I may never have had the opportunity to touch otherwise.  Hearing stories about the women whose lives have been changed by these donations - especially groups like Afghan Institute of Learning who are working under extremely difficult circumstances - not only warms my heart, but inspires me to give even more when I have the chance, because there is clearly so much more that can be done.

My monthly donation is an expression of my company's goal to become sustainable in all respects - and for me, small, monthly gifts as a Corazon Network member are the way to sustainable philanthropy.  From start-up, my company has given to the Global Fund every month, so I don't have to wait until I see huge profits to begin giving back.  I truly believe in Global Fund's philosophy that small grants aimed at improving the lives of women all around the world leads to improvements in everyone's lives.  And in that respect, I achieve sustainability every month."


GIVE HOPE. Donate now to help women and girls learn.

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