Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie

Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie“I love knowing that after I’m gone, my love for the world and its peoples will continue to be expressed through the Global Fund for Women,” says Pat Youngdahl.

Pat and her partner of 23 years, Michal McKenzie, are members of the Global Fund’s Anne Firth Murray Circle, making the Global Fund for Women a beneficiary of their wills.Pat, who holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, is a co-pastor of Downtown Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY. A self-described feminist liberationist theologian, she’s also the author of a book, Subversive Devotions: A Journey into Divine Pleasure and Power. Michal shares her partner Pat’s passion for social justice.

She has established a ministry in a storefront in inner-city Rochester, founded a program for homeless women, and administers scholarships for women and girls.Five years ago, the couple gave their first gift to the Global Fund, and then decided to substantially increase their involvement by becoming Global Fund Inspiration Partners.

Just this year, Pat and Michal joined a Global Fund for Women outreach trip to Kenya, Africa, where they met with women from grassroots organizations who work to overcome poverty and the AIDS epidemic. Pat and Michal say this trip was one of the most profound and moving experiences of their lives.For both Pat and Michal, making the Global Fund for Women a major beneficiary in their wills is a way to extend their values into the future. “Global Fund for Women takes a strong and open stand for feminism, women, girls and lesbians all over the world,” says Michal.  “After we’re both gone, we want our resources to go toward what we so strongly believe in, to continue the kind of work we’re doing now.”


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