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Patsy Preston

My husband, Lewis T. Preston served as President of the World Bank from 1991-1994. We had both been moved by the plight of girls during our travels. After he passed away, I wanted to honor him and the World Bank by giving a gift of education to girls in developing countries so they could have a chance to make a difference in their communities and their lives. I asked the Bank if they would contribute to a fund.This became the Preston Fund for Girls' Education. I looked all over for an international organization I knew would put its money where its mouth is.This is how the Preston Fund came to be a permanent endowment for girls' education within the Global Fund for Women's Legacy Fund.What strikes you as you travel and learn is the fundamental need for the work of the Global Fund.The Global Fund really comes through for women and girls. It is a privilege to be able to give what you can, based on what you feel, to a cause in which you believe.

J.P. Morgan Chase, and other international corporations and their employees, also made significant contributions to the Preston Fund for Girls' Education. Lewis T. Preston joined J.P. Morgan Chase in 1951, where he became President and later Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Patsy Preston
New York, New York
Donor since 1998


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