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Kitty Knapp Rudman 

In 1978, my husband and I hitchhiked across Africa from Senegal to Kenya. Over and over, people who had almost nothing opened their homes to us. Years later, I read about the Global Fund and thought, "Here's a way for me to give back to the places that had given so much to me."

 I helped organize one of the first house parties, where Global Fund staff, Laila Macharia from Kenya, spoke. I was so inspired I became a donor. As the Global Fund has grown, it has done an excellent job of tackling the major issues that face women today.

From my first days as a volunteer, I dreamt of traveling to meet Global Fund grantees. My dream came true when I joined the 2004 donor outreach trip to India.Visiting grantees was far beyond my expectations. I saw women taking enormous risks, fighting to claim their rights and changing the world around them. Meeting Global Fund grantees has reinforced my belief in the absolute need for global support.

Kitty Knapp Rudman
Lafayette, California
Donor and Volunteer since 1997


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