Donor Profile - William Hewlett

In Memoriam

William R. Hewlett 

Engineer, Pioneer, Founding Donor

The Global Fund for Women honors the memory of William Hewlett, a founding donor. Best known as the creative entrepreneur who together with David Packard founded the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company of Silicon Valley, Mr. Hewlett died at home in January 2001.

 His willingness to take risks was evidenced in his decision to become one of the first donors to invest in the Global Fund for Women — a different kind of "Silicon Valley start-up." In many ways, the Global Fund's innovative, non-traditional approach that provided small, flexible grants directly to women at the grassroots mirrored what the New York Times called his own "bootstrap approach to business."

Since his founding donor grant in 1987, Mr. Hewlett continued as an active and generous supporter of our work. Over the years, many other members of the Hewlett family, numerous colleagues from the HP company, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation have joined us as donors. We are glad they share Mr. Hewlett's spirit of inquiry and experimentation and are grateful for their continued support of our work.











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