Donor Profile - Pam Rosekrans

Pam Rosekrans
California, USA 

Pam Rosekrans founded In Her Shoes with the Global Fund for Women in mind. A long-time donor, Pam decided when her daughter left for college, to make contributing to the Global Fund not just a passion but a full time vocation by starting this special store in Palo Alto. In Her Shoes is truly special because all the profits, above the operating costs of running the store, go to the Global Fund!

Pam Rosekrans“I could be with my favorite women, stay happy, feel fulfilled, keep myself busy, and contribute to a worthy cause,” she says, on what she counts as the real returns she gets from her venture. Rosekrans, for her work in operating and running the store, takes no salary herself - every extra dollar is donated!

Her non-profit shoe store has created a ripple effect: some brands (Frye Boots, Sam Edelman) have offered her a discount to increase the profits to the Global Fund, and some women have walked out the door not only with new shoes—but with a new determination to give to the Global Fund themselves. Visit In Her Shoes if you are in Palo Alto!


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