Gifts That Honor Loved Ones

Gifts that Honor Loved Ones

This holiday season, the Global Fund for Women is fortunate to have a number of supporters who recognize and celebrate their friends, family and colleagues with a gift to the Global Fund.

Recently, Diane Jordan Wexler, long-time supporter and former board member to the Global Fund, received the following accolades when a friend sent a gift in her honor.

"Because Diane is a beautiful person; because of her devotion, dedication and sensitivity to women all over the world; because it was timely as she is going off the board. Because she recently celebrated her 60th Birthday!”
We also received a gift in honor of noted writer and activist Grace Paley who passed away August 22, 2007.  This generous supporter described Grace as a “caring, sane activist who did not fight with rage or anger, just with determination.  She was a kind, non-judgmental person who gave attention to each individual. I ran into her passing out leaflets before I was even part of the movement. I loved her!”
As you celebrate the holiday season, we encourage you to give in recognition of those you love.


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