Isda Funari - A Creative Donor!

Isda Funari - A Creative Donor!

“I really believe in women, in their strength, so rather than just doing yet another bunch of clothes, I wanted to tie the line to something more meaningful,” says Isda Funari,  founder of Isda &Co, a company that donates a portion of its proceeds to the Global Fund.

isdaIsda & Co, a San Francisco-based clothing line, recently created a new line of tee shirts and dresses made of conventional and organic fibers — recognizable by the simple peace symbols on the white labels. Four percent of net profits from the line go to the Global Fund.

“I travel a lot, so the idea of helping women around the world appealed to me,” notes Isda on her commitment to give to the Global Fund.

The fact that the Global Fund was in her city, San Francisco, made the connection that much easier.  The tee shirts and dresses — which are named after women —  “Jane,” “Hannah,” “Amanda” — have been selling briskly. “It’s made me happy to write some nice checks to the Global Fund,” says Funari. “We’ll continue the line, and continue donating, until no one wants to buy them any more.”


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