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Isabel Allende

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The Global Fund is the perfect fit for my foundation. In many places in the world, where my foundation cannot supervise or evaluate projects, we can trust the Global Fund to do the work.

 The Global Fund is an informed and committed partner. Their on-the-ground presence in Chile assures us that our grants are being made wisely and with great compassion. They are making profound changes at the grassroots level and their presence is needed and deeply felt in Chile.

The positive effect of empowering women is immediately felt in the family, the community and eventually at a national level. I value the Global Fund's incredible optimism and energy, its dynamic leadership, its capacity to act locally but with a global vision and a big heart. The Global Fund is the best example of what can be achieved when women are empowered: they can move the world!

Isabel Allende, Isabel Allende Foundation
Sausalito, California
Donor since 2004











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