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Tracy Gary & Jean Beard

The Falcon Fund 

In 2004, well-known donor activist and advisor, Tracy Gary, and long-time philanthropist and mental health advocate, Jean Beard, joined visions to create a lead trust (a trust that can be disbursed during one's lifetime without tax penalties). Called the Falcon Fund, their fund is designed to meet what they feel is a moral imperative to provide strategic opportunities for women and girls worldwide.

In their own words, they describe the significance of their commitment to the Global Fund:

"The Global Fund has created a culture in how it relates to every life it touches that is exemplary of the world I want to live in. The quality of respect and listening is among the highest I have ever seen."

"The Global Fund is both the largest recipient of the assets of the Falcon Fund's portfolio and also of my personal giving.We want to inspire other donors to make the biggest pledges and gifts they can to assure a sound and joyful legacy while providing a lifeline and amplifier for thousands of other women and girls."

Through the Falcon Fund,Tracy and Jean have committed over $1 million dollars to be distributed over a four-year period.

Tracy Gary & Jean Beard
The Falcon Fund
Ross, California
Donors since 2004


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