Inspiration Partners: Involving Donors in Movement Building


Pam Eglinski found out about the Global Fund online and has been an active part of our donor community through the community of Inspiration Partners. These are Global Fund  donors who demonstrate their commitment to women’s rights by exponentially increasing their giving.

Pam gives because she wants to help create a world where women and girls live free of violence of all forms, and have access to resources and a safe and healthy environment. Periodically, Inspiration Partners join Global Fund CEO and President Kavita Ramdas and other staff in a phone conversation about a current or pertinent issue affecting women in different regions of the world.

Topics range from women's rights in Afghanistan to crises such as the trafficking of women. Inspiration Partners get to hear firsthand from knowledgeable grantees about issues they’re facing on the ground. They are also invited to join us on trips to meet grantees in person.

These encounters are one of the ways the Global Fund is able to create and nurture meaningful connections between donors and women-led organizations around the world. Explaining why she became an Inspiration Partner, Pam says, "I wanted to become more involved with the Global Fund, and I really liked the idea of a tele-conference call. It ties me into the organization and makes me feel like I'm making a difference.”

Pam holds three Masters degrees –  in counseling and student personnel administration,  history, and art history! She will be in Mongolia this summer to work with children and help her sister-in-law who is running for the Parliament in the capital Ulaan Baatar. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas and wears a number of hats. Pam's worked in fundraising, taught philanthropy and is currently writing fiction.


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