Building Real Progress

When Kenneth Wun graduated from UC Berkeley in 1996, about half of his class was made up of women. He enjoys discussions with friends about global gender equality, and he will be the first to tell you that having a female boss is not a novelty anymore.


Photo courtesy of Kenneth Wun.

Did Kenneth expect his future to look so bright? Of course he did. His mother made sure of it.

Breaking Stereotypes

He can still hear his mother telling him and his brother that there are, “no such things as women’s chores.” From a young age, Kenneth learned how to take care of himself and respect men and women equally.

“She was always breaking down stereotypes,” remembered Kenneth. “She really set the course for me.”

Now, breaking stereotypes and talking about causes he cares about is Kenneth’s job. As the Special Assistant to the Chairman of California’s Democratic Party, he fights for candidates who share his values.

Open Your Eyes

When he’s not working, he’s hanging out with his friends at Spark, an organization near and dear to Global Fund for Women. Spark, like Kenneth, seeks to build a community of young, global citizens who are invested in changing patterns of inequality that impact women throughout the world.

“It’s important to open your eyes to struggles people are going through and see the challenges they face,” said Kenneth, who sits on Spark’s advisory board. “The world is not perfect, but at least we can make their choices less daunting and more fair. We can help people achieve what they need to do in life.”

Even though Kenneth grew up in a progressive household, works for the Democratic Party, and lives in liberal San Francisco, why does he still prioritize fighting for gender equality?

“Gender equality is a fundamental human right. It should not be seen as someone else’s problem…It’s important to be open, aware, and make changes. That’s real social progress.”


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